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The Syrian Feminist Lobby issued the English version of its first book, “In the Core or on the Margin: Syrian Women’s Political Participation”, a research conducted and written by Lama Kannout, Coordinator of the Study Committee of the Lobby, with the support of the Euro-Mediterranean Women’s Initiative.

The research aims at shedding light on the political elites that shape policies and exclude women from closed decision-making circles. It also aims to unveil the depth of the discriminatory mentality towards women and their political participation of some political elites that topped the political scene. The study also provided recommendations to correct the defect resulting from the weak political participation of women.
The methodology of the study was based on qualitative research through interviews with more than 45 members of the political elites and civil society activists. Kannout began work on this research in April 2015 and completed it in December 2016.
The study dealt with four main issues within the political forces, democracy, stereotypical views, quotas, violence (statutory violence, political violence, sexual violence) and the first part of it discussed women’s political participation in the revolution and its revolutionary structures.

The Syrian Feminist Lobby launched the research in Paris on 21-22 November 2016 during the conference “Women is a key partner in the political decision”, in which it presented the findings and recommendations of the research and discussed with a number of politicians and those interested in the Syrian and feminist affairs, for a democratic society that supports women’s political participation and equal access to decision-making positions, a society that adopts gender equality policies as a basis for building the future Syria.

The Syrian Women’s Feminist, established on July 15, 2014, aims to lobby for equal roles and participation of women in political decision-making processes at all levels and fields, to ensure that women’s rights and gender equality are taken as a priority on national agendas to determine and build the future of Syria.